Our Peer Support Groups bring together people with shared experiences to support each other.

Feedback from survivors tells us that having been a victim of sexual violence or abuse can be very isolating, feeling alone or different to everybody else adds to the trauma and anxiety that they already feel. Knowing that there are others who have been through similar experiences and talking together can really help.

Being in a group where you feel accepted and understood can help you if you are on the counselling waiting list or if you don't feel that counselling is for you. It is a way to recieve and give support to other survivors. 

We run groups across Gwent facilitated by our Peer Support volunteers.

These groups offer useful information on coping with the trauma of sexual violence and abuse, introducing ideas and approaches that others have found helpful.

As one of our group members said;

"In group I learned I am not alone, I am stronger than I thought I was, there is hope"