Meet the Team

Nichola – Senior ISVA

Born and raised in Cardiff, I began my working career as a hairdresser. In the following years I worked part-time in a bakery, filling doughnuts, and reached a crossroad in my life. As a struggling single parent, I knew I had to do something to make mine and my daughter lives better. I had 2 options that I was interested in, first was go to university and become a nurse and second go to university and do a surveying degree. This was a big move for me as I’m severely dyslexic and as a child was told I couldn’t do anything academic, so I got a job in the University Hospital of Wales as an NA nurse. I quickly found out that this was not the job that I really wanted to do so I went to university and completed a surveying degree.

While working at the hospital, I reached the most challenging time of my life and found myself and my daughter having to live in a women’s refuge. I started working as a property manager however this ended with the collapse of the market. I walked the streets selling Dogs Trust door-to-door in the soaking rain, then a friend told me about a job perfect for me with Cyfannol Women’s Aid.

Securing the role, I worked in the Domestic Abuse team for five years and then specialised in Sexual Violence 7 years ago. I support men, women and children who have been abused at some point in their life whether they are going through the criminal justice system or not.

Caroline – Peripatetic Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

I’m Caroline and I’m a Peripatetic Independent Sexual Violence Advisor working for Horizon Sexual Violence Services.

I began volunteering for Horizon as ISVA support back in August 2017 and found that I not only loved working with survivors of sexual violence, but also working with such an amazing team of people. In 2019 I was given the opportunity to work part time in the Reception of our Torfaen office and then in September 2020 I was lucky enough to get the role of Peripatetic ISVA.

I work in a person-centred way and tailor my support to suit individual needs. I enjoy empowering clients and helping them to make their own decisions and to find their voice. Supporting survivors on their journey is an absolute privilege.

Natasha – Child and Young Persons Counsellor

Being able to walk alongside someone as they begin their journey towards healing and growth is so rewarding.

That safe place where empathy and warmth is present, allows people to explore their thoughts and feelings in an environment that is free from any harm.

Kim G – Child and Young Persons Counsellor

Hello, I'm Kim, a Child and Young Persons counsellor working in the Horizon team. What makes my work so special is the clients I work with and I'm grateful for the privilege each one chooses to give. I also value the support from the team around me. I respect each client's unique ability to find their own direction within the safe space offered in the counselling environment. In my spare time, I like fitness classes, walking my dog and exploring new places.

Rachel – Participation & Outreach Worker

My path to working in the field of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Services began after a role with children in an educational setting and quickly realising this was not for me, wanting more of a challenge to feel like I was making a difference.

In 2002, I joined Cyfannol (then Torfaen Women’s Aid) as a playworker within the Refuge. This role developed into a Children’ s Support worker and I took part in setting up a Family Support Service. I and two colleagues had a chance to demolish our old and unused charity shop and created the first of our drop-in centres in its place – something that is now a large part of our services! I left to take a role within the NHS supporting families in need in the Community before returning to Cyfannol as a Family support worker.

Moving to England took me to roles with Social services and other DV services, and then working within homelessness, drug, alcohol and complex needs support on my return to Wales. In 2015 I returned to Cyfannol for the third time and feel I have now found my happy place in my role within Horizon as the Participation & Outreach Worker.

I feel truly humbled to be in a post that allows me to be a part of people’s journey of healing after sexual abuse and violence. We use therapeutic interventions such as Art therapy, trauma informed group work and peer support to help those using our services move forward. I love being able to think outside of the box, be creative and offer a real “pick and mix” support package to anyone who wishes to access it, complimenting the Counselling Service.

Amy – Exploitation Service Manager

Nell - Arcadia Team Leader

Kellyann – Sexual Exploitation Outreach Worker

I am one of the Sexual Exploitation Outreach Worker working within the Horizon Team. After leaving college at the age of 18 I began my work life within the Education sector. My roles were in administration for several local authorities within the Gwent area such as the school admissions department and the Sensory and Communications service which supports children with visual, hearing and communication impairments. I have always enjoyed working with people and have a passion for seeing others reach their potential. I was always keen to get from behind a desk and work with people on a one-to-one basis.

My passion for support work specifically, began when I took up the post of Receptionist for Cyfannol Women's Aid almost 3 years ago. Whilst working as a receptionist I became aware of the work the Horizon team undertake in supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence and knew instantly this was something I wanted to be a part of. I was lucky enough to witness the amazing things that can be achieved when people have the right support tailored to their needs.

When a position for Intake and Assessment worker came up within Horizon team I jumped at the chance and felt I was finally making a positive difference in people's lives in a job I enjoyed, for me the natural progression from this would be to become an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor and with the opportunity and support from my Horizon colleagues I have been able to train for the Independent Sexual Violence Advisor diploma and make this dream a reality. I have been in post now for almost a year and am enthusiastic about the victim focused approach that working in the Horizon team offers. I firmly believe that everyone is an individual and that in order to achieve the best outcomes for victims and survivors they should be treated as such.

Helen - Horizon Support Worker

Sandie - Exploitation Support Worker

Rebecca - Exploitation Support Worker

Elizabeth - Horizon Support Work Assistant

Sharon - Horizon Support Work Assistant

Alexis - Horizon Support Work Assistant