Self Care Videos

Hello, my name is Lucy and I live in Blaenau Gwent.

I have worked together with Horizon SVS to make these videos on relaxation techniques as an introduction to how relaxation can support our wellbeing. 

In my personal life I use many of these techniques to support my physical and mental health following experiences of trauma.

I have found ways to incorporate them in the work I do with clients on a professional basis too.  

Regardless of what challenges we personally face that can be helped by being able to relax and release tension, more generally we live in a very demanding world that places little value on stopping to look after ourselves.

Taking time to relax yourself and to experience a few moments of peace in your day can mean changing your mind set but there are so many benefits to doing this if you put in the practice. I hope you find something here you will help you find some peace and relaxation to enjoy.